How Much is Piso Wifi Vendo Machine?

The Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machine, a popular coin-operated Wi-Fi vending device in the Philippines, has revolutionized the internet access landscape by making it more affordable and accessible.

Are you interested in owning a Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machine and starting your Wi-Fi business?

Understanding Piso Wi-Fi Vendo Machines

Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machines provide internet access in exchange for pesos (Piso). Known for their affordability and unique feature to pause internet time, these machines are rapidly gaining popularity, making them an appealing business proposition.

Costs Associated with a Piso Wi-Fi Vendo Machine

The cost of a Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machine can vary significantly based on several factors, including the machine’s model, additional features, supplier, and the potential installation and maintenance costs.

1. The Price of the Machine

The machine itself is the largest initial investment. Prices may vary based on the model and supplier, but typically, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, they could range from PHP 20,000 to PHP 50,000.

2. Installation Costs

Depending on the location and complexity of the setup, additional costs may be incurred for the installation of the machine. This could include expenses related to electrical work, mounting the machine, or setting up the Wi-Fi network.

3. Monthly Internet Costs

As the machine provides Wi-Fi access, a monthly internet subscription is necessary. The cost of this subscription will depend on the internet service provider and the chosen plan.

4. Maintenance Costs

Over time, the machine may require maintenance or repairs. Regular cleaning, part replacement, and troubleshooting are examples of potential maintenance tasks.

5. Additional Features

Certain machines may offer additional features like digital payment capabilities, advanced security measures, or premium design. These features often come at an extra cost but could enhance the machine’s appeal and functionality.

Navigating the Piso Wi-Fi Vendo Business

Having a clear understanding of the costs involved in owning and operating a Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machine is crucial for prospective entrepreneurs. It’s essential to consider not just the initial cost of the machine, but also the ongoing costs of internet service, maintenance, and potential upgrades.


The Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machine represents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the Wi-Fi business. While the costs can vary, having a detailed understanding of the potential expenses involved can ensure a more successful venture. With its unique features and growing popularity, the Piso Wi-Fi Vendo machine offers a promising return on investment for those willing to understand and navigate its cost structure effectively.

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