How to Connect Piso Wifi without Coin?


Affordable, accessible, and user-friendly – Piso Wi-Fi, the popular coin-operated Wi-Fi vending machine, has transformed the landscape of internet access in the Philippines. While typically, users insert coins to gain internet access, what if you find yourself without coins?

Unraveling Piso Wi-Fi

Piso Wi-Fi is a novel internet service provider concept where users pay in pesos (Piso) to secure internet access for a specific duration. Its affordability and unique ‘pause’ feature, allowing users to optimize their internet time, make Piso Wi-Fi a favorite among the masses.

Connecting to Piso Wi-Fi Without Coins: An Informative Guide

Although coins are the conventional payment method for Piso Wi-Fi, there are ways to connect without them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Step 1: Find a Piso Wi-Fi Machine with Digital Payment Option

Some newer models of Piso Wi-Fi machines offer digital payment options alongside the traditional coin method. If available, these machines allow users to pay using various digital platforms, enabling you to connect without coins.

Step 2: Choose the Digital Payment Option

Once you’ve located a Piso Wi-Fi machine with a digital payment option, select it as your preferred method of payment. You may need to follow specific instructions provided by the machine or its operator.

Step 3: Make the Payment

Follow the instructions to complete the payment process. This may involve scanning a QR code with your mobile banking app or entering your digital wallet details. Ensure to input the correct details to avoid any transaction issues.

Step 4: Connect to the Wi-Fi Network

Upon successful payment, the machine will provide you with the Wi-Fi login credentials (Wi-Fi network name and password). Input these details into your device’s Wi-Fi settings to establish a connection to the network.

Step 5: Surf the Internet

Once connected, you can start browsing the internet. Remember, your access duration will depend on the amount paid.

The Digital Edge in Piso Wi-Fi Connectivity

The advent of digital payment methods in Piso Wi-Fi machines marks a step towards greater accessibility and convenience. It offers a practical solution for users without coins, ensuring uninterrupted internet access.


Piso Wi-Fi’s innovative approach to providing affordable and flexible internet access has been a game-changer. While traditionally operated with coins, the addition of digital payment options has expanded its accessibility. Understanding how to connect to Piso Wi-Fi without coins ensures that users can maintain their digital connectivity even when they run out of physical change. The evolution of Piso Wi-Fi reflects the ongoing commitment to making internet access affordable and accessible to all.

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